Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Site Counter

Hello Everyone! I put a site counter on this blog just to see how many hits it was getting. Much to my surprise, we're at almost 400 in a week!

We'd love to know who is reading this blog! Please make a comment below. Also, if you are someone we know personally or a friend of a friend and you'd like to contribute, just comment below, too.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I found this blog through Trillia's blog. We miss y'all in Tennessee! Chris finishes his doctorate this year and we get to see where the Lord sends us next! Thanks for this great site!

Audra Barrick

Suzanne said...

Hey Audra! Hopefully, you can make your way this direction soon!

liqidimond said...

hello, not sure how i linked to your site but probably through someone who attends clc.