Sunday, October 7, 2007

Crock pot baked potatoes

When my husband has to go out of town, the children and I have "baked potato bar" for dinner. I think my six year old is getting wise to my shortcut because the last time we had them the first thing he said to his dad when he saw him was "We had just baked potatoes for dinner & that was it!" I just discovered by happy accident that you can cook them in the crockpot. I think they cooked 2-3 hours at high, but that might vary by each crock pot and the size of the potatoes. You just wash them and put them in and put your lid on. No need to pierce, wrap or anything! When they are done, just serve with bacon bits, butter, sour cream, cheese or anything else you like. I am actually considering getting a second small crock pot to do side dishes like this while my main dish cooks in the larger one.

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