Wednesday, January 2, 2008

breakfast & lunch ideas

Tired of cereal? Bored with sandwiches? Here's a list of ideas for breakfasts and lunches for children. Does anyone else have ideas? Please post.

1. Happy english muffins (toast english muffins, mix cream cheese with dried fruit bits and nuts -like sunflower seeds or pecans, spread on muffins) (nuts-older children only)
2.Oatmeal with various toppings for kids to choose
3.Sister Schuberts yeast rolls with sausages (yeah-and try not to eat them all yourself!)
4.Pancakes/waffles and various toppings (these can be made in large batches on the weekend and frozen to use as needed during the week)
5.Toast with peanut butter and banana
6. Quiches (All you need is pie crust, six eggs, 1cup milk for basic recipe-add anything else you want. I let mine cook in the oven with the dinner the night before and just microwave the next morning. We like melon on the side)
7. Mini quiches without crust (use muffin tin and let the children put in what they like-cheese, ham, etc.
8. muffins-make ahead and freeze

1. Pizza dogs (slice open hotdog buns, and hotdogs lengthwise, top with ketchup, shredded cheese, onion etc.)
2. cheese toast strips with marinara sauce for dipping
3. party tray with cheese cubes, crackers, lunch meat, grapes, avacado slices, veggies & dip etc
4. spaghetti squash with pesto or marinara (just cut squash in half and get out seeds with a spoon, cook in oven until tender -maybe 45min-1hr-then scrape out spaghetti-like strands with a fork & top with sauce-we never have leftovers!)
5. edamame as a snack or part of a meal (these are in freezer section, quick to prepare, and my kids love to pop them out of their shells into their mouthes-yummy!)
6. tomato soup with toppings (you remember the commercial-"Campbell's tomato soup-possibilities!" -its true. We like goldfish crackers, parmesan cheese... you can also put in a can of veg-all for a quick vegetable soup)
7. jazzed up turkey sandwich (i've let my kids put a little jelly on their turkey sandwich instead of mayo-it's remniscent of turkey with cranberry sauce)
8. english muffins with crab and cheese (use jar of "old english cheese spread by kraft"-heat imitation crab meat and jar of cheese in small saucepan and place on toasted english muffin-for adults, I add sauted celery, mushrooms, and onions)
7. quesadillas (tortillas, cheese, canned corn, and leftover ham is popular at my house. just construct like a sandwich then zap in microwave 30-45 seconds and cut with a pizza cutter)
8. little chefs salads (iceberg lettuce, raw veggies, cheese, ham or turkey or bacon, avacado, saltine crackers and ranch or honey-mustard dressing)


Suzanne said...

WOW!! What a great list of ideas! Thanks for posting these, Honey!

Emilee Stanley said...

Honey - can we come to lunch at your house? Seriously, you are amazing - how do you have time for all this? THANKS - these are great ideas. I've already implemented a few & they were hits!

Trillia said...

Thank Honey! Weston just generally eats whatever I give him so when I need to start getting creative I'll know where to turn!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, Honey. You asked for additions so here are a few more:

I really don't know how we'd live without smoothies for breakfast. We have to get out the door for school, and the girls can just take these with them when they go. Frozen fruit, almond milk (or equivalent), yogurt, flax oil, and dates or stevia to sweeten.

Another breakfast fav. is peanut butter (or almond butter) and apples.

Aaaaah, magic toast. This is where you take the heart shaped cookie cutter, and cut out the centers of your toast. Put them in a pan and drop a fried egg in the center--magic. Put some jelly on the cutouts and you have a super breaky.

Sarah Faith said...

Our standard breakfast go-to when everyone is sick of eggs is Dutch Baby (aka German Pancake). We make a double batch for 4 hungry kids as follows:

Preheat oven to 425F.
Place large skillet on burner set to medium heat, and melt 3 tbsp butter.
Meanwhile mix together 1 c flour, 1/4 to 1/3 c sugar, 1 c eggs and 1 c milk. Blend & pour into skillet. Place in oven. We set the timer for 10 min but it might take 12. When it's puffed it's done. It deflates shortly. Serve plain or with cinnamon sugar or fruit.
A family fave.

Another tip for easier pancakes/waffles: a single batch can be measured into and mixed right in the blender, then pour as needed from the handy pour spout. (Liquids go on the bottom.)