Friday, February 22, 2008

Easy Dinner Meals

Sorry it has been so long since anyone has posted. I think the title rings true for most of us "busy moms".

Thinking about Honey's great list of foods for kids I started thinking of meals that were easy for dinner. Some of the recipes may already be on here so I will just post the titles of the meals rather than a full recipe:

1. Spaghetti, bread, and salad
2. Shepard's Pie! (meat and potatoes and peas on the side)
3. Crock pot beef stew
4. Beans (like pinto beans) and cornbread (This is not a staple in my house but my friend makes it and enjoys it because it's easy and cheap!)
5. Pot Roast (with veges in the roast)
6. Salad for dinner (add some unique veges like artichokes and a meat like tuna or chicken)
7. Black beans and rice (add salsa and cheese to spice it up and broccoli or other vege on the side)
8. Pizza! (OK so take out may not count but it sure is easy! Ha!)

Any others?

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