Saturday, February 23, 2008

Thanks Trillia for posting. Life has been a little crazy here with a new baby! For our family, all meals are easy right now.

Here's our easy meals
1. Tacos - with black beans and corn - yum yum!
2. Spaghetti - I make a big batch of sauce - nothing special. I use a large containger of store bought sauce and add ground beef, onions, green peppers, garlic and other seasonings. I freeze the sauce in freezer bags and then just thaw them when needed. I usually get four meals out of one container. I'm sure as our three boys grow up, we won't get that many servings out of one big container.
3. Frozen Lasagna - ok I said it, FROZEN lasagna. The Wal-mart brand is just as good as the leading national brand.
4. Petro's. - This is the meal that my friend, Zerita, brings to others when she's blessing them with a meal. For those that aren't familar with Petros, It is an East Tennessee company started after the 1982 World's Fair where Petros were first introduced. Click on the link for a description of what a Petro is and see just how easy it is to make!

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