Monday, March 24, 2008

Where are all the new recipes?

Sorry for the lack of recipes here lately. Just so you know....the contributors of this site are quite busy. (Thus the name of the blog) The 15 contributors of this blog have three babies on the way (that I'm aware of....), four new babies, 10 toddlers, 15 pre-schoolers, and 5 school-age children. That's 37 kids! I'm tired just thinking about that!

Here's a great crock pot recipe that I got from Laurie's blog. We had it for dinner tonight.

A roast
A can of cream of mushroom soup (chicken/ celery if you have non-mushroomers)
One packet of onion soup mix.
Put the roast in first, cover with can of soup, sprinkle with powder soup, set on low, let it cook 6-8 hours.
*add chopped potatoes, carrots and onions for a yummy side dish