Saturday, August 9, 2008

Something Worth Trying: Flat Iron Steak

A few weeks ago, my mother-in-law called me to tell me about a new supper idea she had just tried. She purchased a flat iron steak from her local Kroger and was so surprised by how lean and yummy and inexpensive it was. So, I purchased one at my local Kroger and we had it for dinner the other night. It was great!

To be honest, we rarely have steak simply because it is such an expensive purchase. However, the flavor of the flat iron steak was wonderful, and get this, one steak fed four hungry adults for a mere $6.50. I marinated the meat for about six hours and then grilled it for 20-30 minutes. YUM! Just thought I would share this recent find with those of you who have yet to discover it. It is such a versatile cut, the meat was very tender, and Jonathan really enjoyed it. We'll be having this more often!

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Unknown said...

Matt and I love it as well. All I do is put some steak seasoning on it and some meat tenderizer and broil it. Times very. I like mine super done and Matt likes his not so done. It's really good. I also like to put some garlic butter on top at the end when we get it out. Yummy. Also very good in the crockpot.