Monday, September 8, 2008

Tuna Salad Nicoise

Alright, here's a healthier recipe. I had this one at a fancy-schmansy restaurant near Melbourne, Australia. (For those, especially me, who did not have French class it is pronounced like saying "knee-swah" and the c should have a little "5" hanging off it...I digress).

Mixed salad greens or romaine torn into pieces
Long-stemmed green beans (hericot verts-don't pronounce the "h", the 2 "t"s, or the "s"-now I know why I never took French)
baby new potatoes (red skin), quartered
vinaigrette of choice (I like to add dijon mustard to basic Italian-like Newmans)
nicoise olives (or use kalamatas if you can't find)
3 eggs
albacore tuna (they have some nice gourmet ones at Walmart)

Place washed/drained lettuce on plates.
Hard boil the eggs and slice them.
Steam the green beans and new potatoes.
Place items on top of lettuce in little piles (not like a regular salad that you want mixed up).
Drizzel with dressing.
This is delicious!

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