Friday, February 20, 2009

Butter (in your blender)

I made butter! Without a churn! I stole the idea from homeschoolfreebieoftheday. I had some cream that I did not have any plans for and being curious about this I decided to try it. I thought the kids would enjoy it-they were not impressed! You pour the cream into your blender with a bit of salt. Put the lid on (very important). Put on lowest setting and prepare to wait. It took about 15 minutes. Having made whipped cream before, that's what it looked like and I almost lost hope. After a few more minutes, I turned it off and checked it and noticed some grainy mixture in the bottom. Then I knew it was going to work. At this point you just stop periodically and pour the liquid off. Then you "wash" the butter by adding small amounts of water, blending it, then pouring it off again. I eventually got light, fluffy butter. And we had it on some biscuits!

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