Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Meal Prep

I like to watch Jon and Kate + Eight sometimes. I learn some home management tips from her. I love this plaque they have on their table that says "Plan Ahea ".
It's a wooden plaque where someone has carved in the letters, obviously without planning ahead for the "d" at the end of the sentence. I have found that it is becoming more and more necessary for me to plan ahead. I have been learning how to prep my meals ahead of time and to do several variations of the once a month cooking. I've never been able to cook for a whole month, but I have doubled several meals for the freezer, stored up baked breads in the freezer, etc. Recently I bought 10 pound packages of chicken (on sale for .99/lb.) and ground beef (for $1.99/lb.). Instead of bringing them home and putting them into the freezer I took both of them and cooked them entirely. With the chicken I made 3 meals and have broth now for soups. With the beef, I have enough for 5 meals. Some is cooked with green pepper/onion/chili seasoning. It took me probably an hour total to prep both types of meat. I would have spent that time worrying that I had not defrosted the meat, wrestling with the packaging stuck frozen to the meat, trying to defrost it in the microwave, etc. But, it's all done. And I only dirtied 2 pans for about 9 meals! This might not be practical for everyone especially those with nursing babies (believe me, I understand), but it may serve to remind you to plan ahead in your own way that will assist you in serving your family.

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