Thursday, July 9, 2009

Remedies for Ordinary Sides

Here are a few ideas on how to jazz up your veggie side dishes.
Corn-on-the-cob: add "salted" butter and a sprinkle of chili powder and cumin
for a smokey flavor, toss them on the gril
Whole Kernel Corn: add diced zucchini and saute in olive oil with a dash of oregano
Brocolli: saute in butter on medium-low until tender, then add walnuts, turn up the heat a little and add a dash of white wine-cook 1 more minute (thanks Karen for these two)
Green Beans: onion flakes and soy sauce (Krista S. taught me this)
Spaghetti Squash: add jarred pesto to it
Potatoes: add caesar salad dressing and an extra dash of parmesean
Summer Squash: add diced green onion and garlic powder & sautee in butter
Carrots: steam them and add lemon juice, honey and a dash of dill weed

Other ideas everyone? Post in the comments


Janie said...

Almost every time I make (fresh, not canned) green beans, I steam them first, drain them, then add a tiny pat of butter, fresh ground pepper, chopped onion, and a dash of garlic powder. Saute them long enough to soften the onion and serve. They're awesome, and it goes great with garlic mashed potatoes!

Also, I don't make carrots a lot because my husband doesn't care for them. But I've always loved them, so I found a way to make them that he likes. I steam them until soft, drain them, then add a tiny pat of butter, a dash of salt, and a sprinkle of brown sugar. Cook them about 2-3 minutes (caramelize the sugar), and serve.

Honey said...

Thanks, Janie. And it was fun to see you recently!