Friday, July 29, 2011

Quick and (Really) Easy Meals

School is almost back in session and for us that doesn't mean that life calms down at home, it gets busier because I home school my kiddos. So, I am looking for easy meals to add to may arsenal of easy things. What easy meals have worked for your family?

When I think EASY I think:

Grilled Chicken - it's easy for me because my husband does the grilling


Kim said...

When I think easy, I think roasted vegetables, chili, and anything in the crock pot!

learningtable said...

My favorite last minute meal is chicken fajitas. They are so easy to make, and they don't require many ingredients. I keep a bottle of fajita seasoning in my spice cabinet, and all you need is boneless chicken cut into small pieces, a sliced bell pepper (any color,) a sliced tomato, and a sliced onion. Dump everything in the pan, add a few drizzles of olive oil and shake on the seasoning. Keep stirring from time to time as you cook it over med/high heat, and you'll know it's done when it smells great!
Add some warm flour tortillas, grated cheese, chips and salsa, and you've got an easy meal. We have them once a week!

Suzanne said...

OOOh! Can you share your fajita seasoning recipe? I recently bought a premade packet and it just wasn't all that good....

jeanie said...

I use equal parts chili powder, garlic salt, and cumin for a chicken fajita seasoning. I cook the chicken first and then take it out of the pan. Then I stir fry the veggies. That way they don't overcook with the chicken. My kids really like chicken fajita because I let them make their own.

learningtable said...

The fajita seasoning I use is called Bolner's Fiesta Brand Fajita Seasoning (
I use the low salt one because the regular is a little too salty for our taste. I used to buy it at the grocery store when we lived in San Antonio years ago, but now I order it from them whenever I get low on my stock. It is the only one I will use--I've tried others.
I cook the meat and veggies all together and sprinkle on the season liberally (but wouldn't use as much if it is the salty kind.) I cook the whole thing down until the veggies are almost carmelized.